Run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

It’s very cliché but a cliché always starts out with fact.

ACspeedtech is staffed by a small but dedicated team that draw experience from main dealer networks, motorsport, aviation and OEM.

ACspeedtech was formed in 2011 by Andy Clark. Having initially been involved in the aviation industry Andy moved into the automotive industry and found himself drawn to the more technical aspects of the car world. After a decade of working for other companies in the UK Tuning Scene Andy decided it was time to branch out and set up his own company.

Going from strength to strength before finally settling in the current guise, ACspeedtech continue to push forwards with the GT-R platform yet retain years of experience for engine building, chassis tuning and ecu remapping that can be applied to any platform.

Andy Clark

Founder & Director

AC Speedtech is headed up by the founder, Andy Clark. Andy is very much a hands-on kind of guy. He is personally responsible for engine building and ECM/TCM mapping. He’s probably the most difficult guy to contact but this is for good reason. Normally found engrossed in a laptop or engine spec or making a lot of noise on the dyno.

Alan Aspinall

Manager and Workshop Chief

Alan is the longest serving employee. Alan joined ACspeedtech after Andy realised that the company was expanding at a tremendous rate of knots.  Alan brings a wealth of experience from the Japanese tuning industry and has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of everything automotive including being able to recite most comedy one liners from any Hollywood movie. Normally found digging into a troublesome GT-R transmission or talking a customer through a project when Andy has escaped from view.