AC Speedtech specialise in a total Engine Management System (EMS) / Engine Control Unit (ECU) Re-Calibration Programme, which is also commonly referred to Re-Mapping.

With many years experience of performance engine tuning over various platforms, we have the ability, tools and contacts to modify the vast majority of oem and aftermarket ECUs.

This ability means we can alter the ECU calibration to suit changes in hardware, changes to suit drivers requirements, or just plain extracting more power!

Our calibration work is supported by extensive road testing and data acquisition, and/or rolling road based recalibration as and when required.

Road, race circuit, and drag strip experience gives us a wide view of the various loads and heat management requirements of a performance engine in different environments.

Approved Performance partner to many ECU Manufacturer/Software Developers such as EcuTek, Link, Syvecs and Haltech.

We are also able to arrange test track calibration services, where we are able to support race car and extreme scenario tuning (e.g. Launch control, V-Max).

Nissan GTR R35 Remapping Specialists AC Speedtech

Engine remapping & calibration.

We absolutely love working on out-of-the-ordinary projects, be it a EFI/ECU Conversion on a Non-EFI classic sports car, or a standalone motorsport quality standable ECU for your Nurburgring Track Toy.

We offer you;

  • Attention to Detail
  • Engine and Transmission Safety of paramount Importance
  • Driveability and Economy Improvements
  • Cost effective calibration project planning (avoid unnecessary revisits)
  • Military-spec loom building and sensor installation where required