ACspeedtech have a wealth of knowledge and the correct equipment to look after your Nissan GT-R. Our in-house expertise dates back to the launch of the GT-R and over the years have seen exactly what is likely to need attention and when.

We use genuine Nissan parts supplied by official supply chains when servicing your Nissan GT-R. But also have a range of aftermarket fluids and service items to add to the protection, performance and smooth running of the GT-R.

Officially Nissan stipulate that earlier Nissan GT-R’s should be serviced every 6,000 miles or every 6 months. From 2011 onwards that interval changed to every 9,000 miles or 12 months. ACspeedtech are happy to maintain your Nissan GT-R following the manufacturer recommended schedule or we can also recommend our own service schedule that follows minor and major service every 6 months. We regularly see huge improvements in reliability and decreased wear and tear with changes to the service intervals and fluids used on the GT-R.

For the customers running double or over triple the power of what their car originally left the factory with, the service schedule and fluid selection must be adjusted to be more in line with their cars needs. This also applies to the customers running regular track days or drag use. If you’re non OEM or heavy usage and would like advice prior to booking in, drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Annual Optimisation

During the warranty period of the GT-R, Nissan provided for what was then referred to as an optimisation. This was free of charge for the first 3 years of ownership. Provided that the optimisation was carried out at an NHPC/NISMO Centre.

The optimisation was and still is a critical part of your GT-R’s period maintenance. Although no parts are changed during this process all adjustments that are made are a vital part of keeping your GT-R running efficiently which retaining optimal performance.

Failure to have the optimisation carried annually can result in abnormal tyre wear, poor fuel economy and abnormal gearbox performance and functionality.

Transmission Clutch Settings

The transmission of the GT-R is quite an influential component. Therefore, it is important that the transmission is electronically adjusted regularly. Within reason, we can adjust touchpoints to tailor the drive.

Please note: on some higher mileage or GT-R’s with aftermarket clutch systems we are unable to improve transmission feel without re-mapping or replacing components.

Wheel Alignment

Outside of the Nissan covered 3 year optimisation period wheel alignment is an often-overlooked aspect of road car performance. The GT-R is very sensitive to geometry change and adjustment. We can tune the GT-R’s suspension to cater for your needs within the confines of the stock components adjustability.

We have the latest Snap On/John Bean optical wheel alignment equipment. This is periodically calibrated by the manufacturer so we can ensure that our customers receive the highest possible levels of accuracy.

Through talks with the customer we can align the chassis to ‘stock’ settings or make a multitude of adjustments for your precise requirements and driving style.

Engine Idle Volume Calibration

The Nissan GT-R VR38DETT engine has two banks of cylinders that operation relatively independently. During the optimisation we are able check the parameters of each bank and calibrate them accordingly.