AC Speedtech are one of the most experienced GR6 Transmission Specialists.

More and more owners and traders are using ACSpeedtech for transmission work. The reason? Quite simply we do a very good job and offer honest advice based on 10 years experience with the Nissan GT-R.

The automotive internet loves a subject for scaremongering. In the early years the GR6 transmission that is fitted in the Nissan GT-R was a firm favourite of most related forums. Perhaps, with good reason in some quarters. Nissan replaced a lot of transmissions when faults occurred. Why? Well the parent company in Japan wouldn’t supply spare parts. But was that really necessary? Well…!

Common Issues.

The GR6 has some text book issues that most early/high mileage gearboxes will suffer from at some point. Prevention is often the best cure but all too often people wait for a failure to occur before making any changes.

So what can go wrong?

Perhaps the most common issue is the loss of gears, odd or evens. Closely followed by 1st and Reverse selection issues and then backed up with a total loss of drive. Snapped clutch baskets, failed clutches, worn shift mechanisms, stripped gears, exploded ETS (4wd) units, failed electronics etc etc. Everything can be repaired and very little these days is a surprise!

And whats the solution?

We have an extensive catalogue of options and parts available to us. Some from well respected suppliers and some designed, fabricated or machined in house when the products didn’t exist to solve the problem we had to overcome.

The level of components needed vary from repairing a standard transmission and replacing the common wear and tear items, to building a 1000+ftlb capable transmission to be used for drag racing, and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking for a repair or an upgrade, please drop us an email or give us a call to see what we can do for you!

We partner with various highly regarded and proven parts suppliers such as:

  • Albins
  • Xtreme Motorsport
  • PPG
  • Dodson
  • Linney